Introducing platform tagging
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  • Description
    Platform tagging is now available on the IBM Cloud platform. You can add tags to your resources on the platform, such as Cloud Object Storage, to help you manage resources and find the ones that are most relevant. For example, if you have hundreds of resources and you want to differentiate between a couple that are within the same cost center, you could tag them with “costcenter:location01.” Alternatively, if you have a team working on a couple resources repeatedly, you can use a tag like “team-blue.”

    You can filter your resource list by tags to quickly organize and find the information that is relevant to you. By tagging resources, you will also be able to search by the given tag for those resources within the global header on any page within the platform.

    Here is a list of additional tagging features that are available on the enhanced IBM Cloud platform:
    • Add and remove tags using the resource list
    • Filter the resource list by tags
    • Add tags on provisioning pages
    • Add tags on resource detail pages
    • View all tags present on the account
    • Delete tags that are not attached to resources
    • Search by tag within the global header
    • Have a predictive type ahead based on tags already present on the account
    You can place these tags in the following places on the platform:
    • Resource List: You can add and remove tags from a resource by hovering over the tags column, which provokes an Add tags option. Alternatively, you can click the actions on the resource and select Edit tags. You can add multiple tags within the tag dialog box that opens. Just remember to click Save so that the changes are applied.
    • Provisioning pages: You have the ability to add tags when you create most resources. As the resource is created, the tags are created that help you manage it.
    • Resource Detail pages: On the Resource Detail page, you can add and remove tags from the resource.
    • Manage Tags page: On the Manage Tags page, you can view all of the tags that are attached to your account, which includes the tags that are attached to classic infrastructure resources. The special addition to this page is that you can delete tags if they are not attached to any resources.
    Graphical representations of this new capability is available in the Platform Tagging on the Enhanced IBM Cloud Platform article within the IBM Cloud platform blog.