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    As you might know, the End of Life (EOL) date for Elasticsearch 5.6 is fast approaching. On 11 March 2019, Elasticsearch is ending support for minor releases of version 5.6.x. For more information, see Elastic Product End of Life Dates. As a consequence, you should plan on migrating your databases over to Elasticsearch version 6.x and making any necessary modifications to your applications.

    IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch support for version 5.6
    To keep your databases secure and compliant on IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch is going to continue to support version 5.6 for 180 days starting 19 February 2019. That means that for 180 days, you will be able to continue to provision Elastisearch version 5.6. However, it comes with the following caveat:
    Note: We reserve the right to end support, at our discretion, if a security vulnerability is discovered during the 180-day window. We might need to shut down those Elasticsearch deployments and remove them from our system because they do not meet compliance regulations.

    Therefore, the way forward is to stop provisioning Databases for Elasticsearch 5.6 and start migrating your existing deployments over to Databases for Elasticsearch version 6.x. Additionally, if you are using Compose for Elasticsearch 5.6, our recommendation is to migrate to Databases for Elasticsearch 6.x because it is a HIPAA-ready and GDPR-compliant database.

    Later this week, we intend to provide a guide that outlines how to securely migrate your Compose for Elasticsearch 5.6 database over to Databases for Elasticsearch version 6.x. If you are already using Databases for Elasticsearch version 5.6 and want to upgrade to 6.x, this migration guide is relevant to you also so that you can upgrade to the latest version of Databases for Elasticsearch on IBM Cloud.

    This information originated in the Changes Are Coming to IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch 5.6 article within the IBM Cloud platform blog.