RESOLVED: Users may see errors when accessing their applications or service dashboards; cli login may be impacted.
  • IBM Cloud Platform
  • Washington DC
  • INC0466045
  • Description


      - IBM Cloud Platform



      - Login to the region (CLI)

      - Accessing application routes may fail

      - Services running in the region may be inaccessible

      - Cloud Foundry application management may fail (push, restage and scaling actions)    



      - 2018-11-28 20:39 UTC - INVESTIGATING - The operations team is aware of the issues and is currently investigating.

      - 2018-11-28 21:20 UTC - MONITORING - Actions have been taken to resolve the failures;  the team is monitoring the situation to ensure continued successful operation. 

      - 2018-11-28 23:30 UTC - RESOLVED - This issue has been resolved.